Check out my band's page that is hooked onto my profile. There you will find links to our site, and some mp3's of some of the songs from our album "Ignite"

If you are down with bands like Pearl Jam, Incubus, Shinedown etc. I think we will be right up your alley.
post a link to the page straight here so i can spend my time listening to this GREAT music rather than having to root around on your profile.

I really like the guitar lines on "look at me", they have genuine presence and the solos are gripping, however they need to be turned up in the mix. I like how they're incorporated into the main riff... but it still feels like it should be brought to the foreground. Also, get rid of that horrible long high note at the end. The solo is at a good mix in "crazy", but seems to be turned down prematurely towards the end of it.

The vocals, however, need re-recording. The vocal line is very good, it fits the music well. HOWEVER, it sound like the singer isn't singing from his diaphragm, as such they lack the presence and sound noticeably hollow. This is most obvious in the chorus to "look at me", but less so in "crazy". Also, at the start of "southwesterly" it almost sounds like he's hiding from the mic.

The drums also sound good, taking a back seat when needed but driving the beat of the song when they're needed. Overall very good work. Its also good they avoid a bland kick-snare pattern, in fact they seem to be immensely creative and push the whole band forward. Good work. Perhaps less snare would benefit, since at the 3.20 mark in "crazy" it really starts to wear thin.

I couldn't really hear the bass parts, i wish i could give you feedback on them but they seemed to be turned out. Maybe you can hear them, but i couldn't.

Overall a good set of songs, lay of the snare a little and sing from the diaphragm. Liked it very much and i'm looking forward to new material