Ok so I've got me a rly nice VST program called Stutter Edit . It creates stutter effects . It is , as far as I understand ( for those who don't know ) , a fragmentation of a signal , or a repeat , or the insertion of an effect over the signal , like in dubstep , electro music ( or metalcore for that matter xD )
I'm using cubase with it , so , here is my little problem :

Having a Track 1 Stereo Audio with a sample sound on it , I start stutter edit . When I use the presets and choose the stutter of choice , I can only hear it live . This means that when the track plays , I click the button and hear the signal stuttered ( fragmented , or with an effect over it , etc.) .

I want to record this . How do I do it ? I know that I should set up a track where the stuttered ,,live" signal goes... I don't know how to set up the Send option on the first Track where my Audio sample is playing to send the signal to another audio track for it to be recorded.

Now , it's not really like a cubase effect which you put in the insert space ... (like reverb) . It doesn't work on it's own .... The program sits in an insert slot but it needs to be manually used with a midi keyboard ( like the one provided in cubase )

So how do I create this track where the signal should be recorded ? How do I set up the send of Track 1 for the signal to be sent to , lets say , track 2 for it to be recorded with the stutter ?I have no idea ... I hope you can help me ... If anything is unclear , feel free to ask ... I'm not that good using cubase ...please explain

You could beat map it and cut the waveform if you're doing it with the tempo of the song
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could you just bounce/render the track instead of trying to record it? im not familiar with Cubase much (or really at all), but most DAWs will allow you do something along those lines. i just right click a track in Reaper and there is an option to render/freeze the track. check the manual for render, bounce, and freeze and see what you can find.