Hey Guys,
So on here I have heard a lot of good things about the Agile metal guitars (Interceptors, Septors, etc) However, I do not play metal, and am interested in more traditional shapes.
So my question is, what are the agile SG, Jaguar, Semi-Hollows, and their P90's like? What are the good points of them, and what will I have to switch out? I am especially interested in the Jag, as fender does not make that in left handed (except for like a Kurt Cobain model, and ya, no thanks)

Thanks Again folks!
Agiles are standard MIK quality. That's not to say they're bad (LTD Deluxe guitars are MIK and are fantastic, and I swear by my army of MIK Epiphones, Washburns and LTDs), they're just standard. The reason they get a lot of praise is because they're considerably cheaper than other MIK copy brands and because some of their models have some unusual features, like neck-through Les Pauls or 27" scale length. You hear about the ''metal'' ones more because more people that are shopping in that price range are metal players. There is no reason to believe they are any better or worse than other MIK guitars, regardless of which particular body shape you go for.

As with any MIK guitar, you can expect decent but bland stock pickups, and somewahat muted resonance. Expect to replace any vibratos with higher quality ones if you want it to stay in tune, and you'll also want to get a better nut cut.
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