On the VYPYR 30 Head...

It has no U.S.B, so does the modeling sound nice through the headphone jack for recording or direct to P.A. applications?

I've Looked On Peavey's Website, D/L'd a couple of manuals.
Interestingly there's also no instructions on D.I.'ing the head output either.
I think it sounds alright. I've never been able to get the USB to work anyway.
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There are 2 output jacks on the back of the vypyr 30 head... I thought they were 2x 8 ohm outputs.. but I found out when I had trouble with my stereo cab that the are actually 1x8 or 2x4 ohm outputs.... just keep that in mind when hooking up 2 cabs or a stereo cab.. you dont want to blow up the amp
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