I really want to get either of those guitar, either a LTD EC-1000 or an ESP Eclipse II. When I read the description for the products, both are made from the same wood and just seem like identical guitars, other then one being 800 dollars more. The only music store near me only carries the EC-1000, so I can't actually play an Eclipse to hear the difference.

So my question would be, what are the differences between them? If I can afford it should I just go for the Eclipse?
Also 24 frets on the EC1000, 22 on Eclipse
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Eclipse. Hands down.

I played several examples of each side by side, and the ESP's were consistently WAY better. They were better finished, and they resonated noticeably better. I was actually quite shocked by how clear the difference between the two models was, as I was expecting a barely noticeable difference. If you can pop for it, get the ESP
Alright thanks guys

Just wanted to make sure I was getting a noticeable difference since I'm shelling out more cash. I'm assuming they feel very similar to the EC-1000 though? I almost walked out the store with one of those, just feels so right in my hands.
very similar to the EC-1000. the general feeling is about the same, but the ESP is much more polished and feels better put together and more solid.
The only similarites are on paper.

An Epi LP Special has the same specs as a Gibson LP CUstom, but you know for damn sure that they aren't the same quality.

Same deal here. Species of wood says nothing at all about the quality of the wood you're getting. With ESP, you're guaranteed gonna get high quality wood, as well as much higher QC.
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