“The thoughts distort reality,
not the other way around.”

The click-clock tick-tocking, knocking,
acorns falling, dripping, crying oak.
A sign reads, “Keep Off The Grass.”
It might have read, “Welcome To Hell.”
A swollen sky, heaving, bulging,
hail, Hail!, hail, he’s comet
burning up my atmosphere.
It came as I walked through the wood,
the child, it says, “Chaos Reigns.”

My armour is my ignorance,
the bliss of your prejudice.
The woman, a sheath, a scabbard, my knife
stabbing her, bruising her, impregnable
her fortress of cold and dark.
The cavern of life and bloody death,
cradle of virtues, pit of sin.
Hail, hail, Hail!, come down,
little marbles of freezing heat.
I will crush you all with feeling.

Life is a stage, someone once said,
as they danced within the confines of chalk
and the invisible annotations on, perhaps, a carpet.
Let me cry as I gaze on reality
and disencumber myself of guilt.
Let me be as I hold my head
and dismember my thoughts and rebuild.

“..if you can demonstrate your knowledge
of the Doctrine of Stoicism by holding back your tears,
I'll stop.”

[cf. Antichrist & Dogville]
Title a reference to Lars Von Trier, perhaps? Great director... anyway, this may be a little over my head but the whole second stanza is really beautiful to me. "My armour is my ignorance" especially easy to connect with. I like this a lot actually, quite inspiring work.
loving the shakespeare references, especially in the second stanza. i also like the flow of ideas and how the rhythm holds it together.