Hey forumers, I've been using a Peavey Delta Blues 115 for a bit now and I'm thinking a full retube would do it some good, especially seeing as I bought it used and it still has the original tubes for around a decade now. I've never done a re-tube so I'd thought I'd come here to pick up some pointers.

1- The amp is currently fitted with 3x 12ax7 pre-amp tubes and 4x EL 84 tubes, all of them Russian Sovtek I believe. What kind of tubes (that won't break my bank) would you recommend I place in there?

2- I've heard that you need to rebias the amp once you've swapped the tubes, however the Delta Blues is apparently "self biasing". Could anyone give me a bit more info?

Not sure if you need to know my rig but I play Stratocasters and Strat styled guitars. I'm looking for a bluesy-classic rock tone.
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1.There is no such thing as a Chinese Sovtek, Sovteks are Russian.
Stick JJ everywhere except V1. Stick a JAN Phillips 5751 in there, or maybe a Genalex Gold Lion.
For the power amp replace the EL84's with JJ.

2. The Delta Blues is non adjustable, fixed biased. Just plug the new tubes in and start playing.
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Thanks for the reply! My mistake on the Sovtek tubes, I meant to say Russian. Error corrected!