I got a Squier CV 60 Stratocaster mostly for the bluesy sound it can produce and since 1. I am a beginner and 2. I don't plan on gigging anytime soon and 3. I can't afford a Fender labeled Strat, I got this as I kept reading for Squier, it is one of their better guitars.

I love it, though it is drastically different from my epi g400, I love it. Love love love it. Playing through a Mustang 1 amp and found my blues setting, it is awesome and can't put it down. Since I am a beginner, I am not sure what else to talk about but here are some photos.

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a NGD is a NGD to me!

Congrats bro!

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Nothing wrong with Squier! At the risk of annoying some people, I think that most of the negativity that surrouds Squier, is just brand-snobbery, because some just see them as ''pretend'' Fenders, and totally ignore the fact that they're perfectly good instruments in their own right. Happy NGD!
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there is actually a fender labeled strat that's $50 more than your squier.

but it's made side by side with your squier.

and frankly, it's not worth the extra $50 for just the name.

i'm a fan of the CV squiers, nice score!
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CV and VM Squiers are AWESOME guitars for the price. My VM Thinline has been a tank of a guitar that sounds great, side by side with much "nicer" guitars.
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