I'm sure this isn't just a GP terminology useage, but just in case... anyways:

A full bend is up a whole step right? It's so basic, but I just wanted to make sure that's what it is refering to by a "full bend"... as when I listen it seems to not go as far as 2 frets on a guitar, yet... I remember it being defined as a whole-step?

-Sincerely confused
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Full bend is 1 whole step as in 1/1, it goes through the two steps, just remember that it's a program which emulates, it won't always sound right, to be sure tho for example write down 15th fret on the GP and then a 13 which is bent fully and then once more 15 so as to be sure
Yep it's a whole step. GP is just a little buggy sometimes.
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