Hi there folks

It's been a while since I've gotten my ESP LTD KH-202 loaded with EMG pickups. Now I'm looking for a multi-effects pedals, not an expensive one by the way. I've been looking about the Zoom G9.2TT, the Boss ME-70 and the DigiTech RP-50, but I'm not sure about what's the most "complete" and kinda "versatile" one, need ur help guys
I like playing Dream Theater and those kind of progressive stuff, but also love playing some trash-speed metal.
Can't give rating on the Zoom or Digi, but my ME-70 sounds amazing, depending on your amp some may work better than others. I do enjoy the distortions and overdrives on the ME-70, the comp is okay, modulations sound too "digital" sometimes, and the delay is extremely versatile. The onboard wah I would rate a 5 out of 10, amp emulators are okay-I don't use them too much. But yeah, some may be better than others based on your amp.