Hi guys,

I'm pretty new to the world of recording. I'm currently recording a demo song with Reaper, but I have a problem with latency. I want to record some piano parts with my M-Audio KeyRig25, but there's always a little bit of latency that makes it impossible to record. I switched all the options of latency I found to 0, but there's still some latency. Do somebody knows how to completely destroy the latency.

i think your processor speed could contribute to the problem, if your recording over other parts because the computer has to access the recordings while you record the keyrig. I'm not sure but I think without knowing computer specs its hard to say being you have a fatstrack pro, thats what I have, and thats your soundcard basically, which shouldnt be the problem it has an asio driver in it. Also hard drive speed can be an issue it can matter depending on what your doing. I'm no expert but I can run lots of midi, plug-ins and proceesing without latency. I had problems prior to building a newer faster computer.