Hey guys. Recently I decided to buy an Ibanez RG after trying one out. I've used Strats, Les Pauls and Teles in the past, and the RG is giving me some issues when it comes to string-changing. Chiefly, I can't even get the pressure pads to loosen! The damn things will not come off. Am I doing something wrong? My guitar didn't come with an Allen Key, so I bought a set, and none of them seem to do the trick. Halp?
do u know what bridge it has? also what model rg is it, theres something like twenty different rg's, this will help as well
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I have an Ibanez RG350MDX at first they are really horrific to change the strings/tune for the first few times. I'd recommend one string at a time rather than the whole set. I think a 3.5mm Allen Key fits my bridge/locking nuts. Not too sure what you mean by the ''pressure pads'', take it back to the place where you bought it from and ask them to re string it for you and to show you how to do it. I'm sure they'll be happy to do it.

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