So a very rough demo take of my song, Sister Endless. Please pardon the awful mixing of everything. It was all done in my friend's basement with the most basic equipment ever.


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Edit: Here's a version without the growls. They were a last minute idea by my friend, but I wasn't sure about them.

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Hey, not bad (except for the mix like you said, but I'm not sure if you wanted tips on that). Actually the vocals were really well done, except for that gutteral vocal thing that started up toward the end, what the hell was that?! So out of place, I'm a metal guy but I thought I was listening to grunge or something, then I heard that and was thrown for a loop. Just doesn't fit imo, at least just not randomly at the end. The other background vocals were good, but even though they stood out I still couldn't really make out the lyrics.

Other than that, the instruments were kind of off in places, they were all in time, but it sounded like the drummer was having trouble with timing, that definatly needs some works. So tighten up the drums, rerecord and it should sound pretty good.

I'd appreciate some feedback when you have some time, I'm guessing you're not really into thrash metal, but I'd like to hear different view-points!

I like the main guitar riff. Verse vocal melody is OK, I like the vocal melodies better when it is with multiple singers. I don't like the death metal vocals (I don't like that style of vocal anyway, but I don't think it fits the style of the song at all). This song has potential, but it needs lots of polish. Please review my music at this link:

Thanks for the feedback! And yeah, I meant to mention that, about the growls. They were kind of a last minute idea that my friend came up with, and I wasn't sure of it, so I made two mixes, one with the growls, one without in case they didn't work out '
Honey mustard is best mustard.
Thanks for the crit back. So I'm listening to it again and I think I had the volume up too loud on my computer last time cuz it's not as bad as I first though. My bad! But it here's a few thing that might help on the mixing/recording side.

Try getting the drums recorded with at least two mics. Typically with two one would be sort of near the bass drum and one over-head, but then you can't pan parts of the kit to either side. So the more mics the better, but decent mics are expensive. To me it seems the drums weren't recorded loud enough.

Guitars sounded pretty good, so did the bass, but I don't think they were quite loud enough either when recorded. You might try having two takes of the guitar and mix them left and right. It sounds like one panned center. Not sure how the bass was recorded, but I'm guessing it was by mic. I can hear it can't make out everything (like the sound of the pick or fingers on the strings). For a song like this where no bass distortion is really needed you could try recording it direct, just straight into whatever you're using.

Vocals sounded good, just too loud. Maybe they were mixed too loud, (for recording anything make sure it's recorded as loud as possible without clipping), I can hear clipping on the vocals. And I'm no expert on it, but look into using some compression on the vocals, that way the softer sounds are louder so you don't have to turn up the volume as much for the whole track.

Basically the vocals were just too loud compared to everything else and the drums definatly need to be rerecorded before I would even use it as a demo.
this song has a lot of potential. If you can't get a better drum mic setup, i would record another take of the guitars and pan one left and one right just so you can carve a little room out of the centre for those mono drums. Vocals could probably go down a bit in the mix, and try adding a compressor to the master channel just to glue everything together.

this song can be great!
This song was good but the mixing was not unfortunately. Pan guitars, cut some lows. Death metal vocals I didn't like, might just be me though.
I'm gonna (perhaps) go against the curve and say I love the guitar tone, sounds really stoner rock and I love it. The drums on the other hand sound pretty crappy to be honest, they sound trashy and not in a good way.

The vocal melodies are pretty solid, though sadly the singing is a little weak and warbley but a proper studio job would sort that out (no shame in using auto tune to keep it in check I think)

As for the growls, yeah, lose them. They don't fit the whole feel of the song.

The song writing was solid, I liked it, the melodies kept me interested and it didn't outstay it's welcome. Though maybe a reverb drenched guitar solo near the end could be a cool addition?

Really when I listened to this I felt it was a more radio friendly version of High on Fire or Kyuss, maybe in future try and get a production more like this or this but maybe a little cleaner and I think it'd sound pretty damn awesome.

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Thanks for posting.
The tone fits well, the singing is weak but the melodies themselves are enjoyable. Drumming sadly isn't so good. Overall with practice you could make this very listenable!
yeah gotta agree with the mixing but i gotta say i love your chords the opening is really nice Im not sure cause I am atrocious with drums and dont understand them at all but if you maybe do what saunders73 said it would sound great thanks for listening to my song
Hey man. I think it's a nice song, the only thing I would add to it is a new segment with a new riff or or whatever you'd like to get some variation, it's not that the ones that are there aren't good but it was feeling a bit repetitive by the last chorus.

And as you already know the mixing could be better. And believe I know about basic recording equipment XD... Gotta do the best with what we've got. I felt the vocals were a bit too loud compared to the rest of the instruments. The drums felt kinda empty, sometimes when you lack proper equipment for recording I think it's best to program the drums yourself using a vst. Might not be "the real thing" but I think it would help with the overall sound and mix. Good luck ! : D

Here's my project! I'd really appreciate it if you had a listen.

Edit: Oh btw I definitely liked better the second version!