So I have a chance to buy either an M6 Carbine or M2000 and pair it with my diesel 4x10 and 1x15. Any experience with either head? I would mainly be using which ever amp i choose in a metal band and I use a 6 string bass. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks!
I'm a fan of the Carbine Series, but honestly all mesa products are good so you shouldn't run the risk of getting a bad product if ou go Mesa.
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The Basis M-2000 amp was a fine amplifier, but it is long since discontinued. That might be a factor in your choice. Either one should serve you well. Mesa seems to be throwing everything they've got bass-wise into the Carbine series. They've discontinued the Titan V-12, and the Big Block 750 does not seem to be long for the world now that they have the M9 Carbine. Any Mesa amplifier should serve you well - even the Walkabout.
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I think consecutive e owns a mesa big block or other mesa amp, maybe he'll add to the discussion.

Otherwise do you have a reason to only want mesa? Have you tried them or have a way to try them before buying? Probably better than asking.
Ya I think I'm leaning towards the Carbine. I am looking for something used so I am waiting on craigslist to try something out or Ebay. I've never owned any Mesa gear, I've had just about everything else which I realize now is pretty odd. I'm hoping Mesa is my white whale though. Plus the shop is close by and that means a great deal to me if I ever have problems. I'm thinking of giving them a call to see if they have something laying around in the shop, that might be a good start I suppose.
Ya I've been watching that Ebay listing but I'm leaning towards newer stuff now rather than old, although it looks pretty awesome!
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