With all the upgrades and aftermarket parts that have been put on it, I'd say yeah. seems like a good deal to me
Talk him down to $175. After all, he said he wanted to get rid of it, and it's heavily modified (although they are upgrades). Mods reduce original value, what's the price of the guitar new?
I just bought a 470 a month ago for 150$. Seriously good ****ing guitar, dropped in a Cl/lf set and that biatch rips. Trem is also blocked. Beside the cheap bridge posts its on par with a 550/570. Try to get a few bucks off, if not, its still worth it imo. Ask for the lo trs as well in case the cheap GF trem craps out. Lo trs (not II)is actually a decent bridge, they just used really weak posts for some reason.
I wouldn't necessarily call the "Epiphone" and "GFS" pickups an upgrade, they're pretty lateral concerning quality and value. The bridge, maybe. I, honestly, wouldn't pay more than around 150-175 for it.
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