I've been in the market for a rack multi-fx unit for a little while, and have finally narrowed it down between the Roland GP-100 and the GSP2101, because both of these units have a) A wah, b) a harmonizer, and c) a stereo effects loop

I like the sound of the Roland. If I bought it, I wouldn't use it for it's distortion, only as an effects processor for my ADA MP1. On the other hand, I like the distortion on the GSP2101 and would use it in stereo with my ADA MP1. The only problem is, I can't find any clips anywhere of what the wah and harmonizer on the GSP2101 sound like. I've searched for days and just can't find anything. I really need to know what the wah and harmonizer sound like on this unit. I've heard that they both sound really good, and then I've heard that they're God awful. If someone has a GSP2101 and can make a quick clip using the wah and then the harmonizer for me to listen to, I would greatly, GREATLY appreciate it

Also, if you use the foot controller that comes with the GSP2101, does it display the tuner on the foot controller?