So all fast food is bullshit because some greasy kid left the meat off of one guy's taco?
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I had Taco Bell not 4 hours ago. Cheesy gordita crunch meal with a Baja blast

You didn't go for the Crunchwrap Supreme?!?!
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I would have got the 5 dollar box that had that in it, but the bastards got rid of it

And they got rid of the flat bread things. God dammit
TS is serious, he even replaced "shit" with asterisks.

Maybe he meant cunt. But that's illogical.
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I've recently decided to stop eating McDonalds. Their stuff gives me stomach problems, as does Taco Bell. The only fast food places I choose to eat at any more are the chicken places (KFC, Popeyes)

Anything else is a no go.
Don't eat fast food in the first place and you won't have that problem. You can thank me later.

Besides, if you were going to a place like Carl's Jr, why would you get a taco expecting it to be any good? I'm pretty sure they're not a mexican resturaunt, or anything resembling one.
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No, it's plain science, women are evil

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Women = time x money
time = money
Money = √evil
women = √evil x √evil
women = evil
It's clearly a vegetarian taco.

Don't eat fast food though.
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