Hey guys,
I'm getting a lot of feedback from my pedals especially when I on my distortion, delay and OD (for lead boost) all at once. The feedback starts when im not playing anything and when I'm muting the strings, there's some loud hum n hiss. I can't be rolling my vol knob to 0 all the time because of the way our songs are structured.

My questions are:
1) is the feedback caused by too many pedals and true bypass pedals in the rig?
2) Do I need to get a noise gate?

Anyway heres my rig:
Wayhuge aquapuss
EHX Small clone
MXR Phase 90
Dano Fish & Chips EQ
Digitech hardwire tube OD (For lead boost, Max vol, Zero gain)
MI Audio crunchbox
AMT japanese girl wah wah
Korg Pitchblack tuner

Les Paul guitar with humbuckers

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everyone needs a noise gate On a sidenote, maybe it's because of the Hardwire, as much as I love Digitech pedals, they're prone to be a bit more noisy despite the true bypass