Hi guys,

I am trying to learn run rabbit run by charlie simpson and I dont get the chords for it, well in particular the C/B with a capo on 6. When I looked at the song on this site, the little chord diagrams that flash up immediately when you hover over it show a C/B being the same as a C, It may be staring me in the face but it doesnt sound right to repeat the C chord in the song, so can someone help me to understand the whole chord/capo thing??

Thanks in advance
"C/B" means C major with a "B" in the bass. That's why it's blowing up the same C major chord diagram. It could be part of a descending bass run down to the "G".

Since you're capoed on the 6th fret, the C Major open chord form, will actually be a Gb Major.

You knew that though, didn't you?

A lot of times with tabs for capoed songs, they name the chords for what they would be call when played open, without the capo, and say something like "Actually in Gb Major. Is that the case here?
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hey, i have to say i am relatively new to the whole capo thing, i have learnt songs like wonderwall and the smiths please let me get what i want, which are both capo 2 and the chords are easy. the first chord on the charlie s song is a C, so if i play a simple C, and the following is a C/B, I am playing the C shape and fretting a bass string?? doh!!
no its not stated on the chord sheet, very basic description, well to me anyways.
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its actually called the farmer and his gun, my bad!!

It actually is stated,
"CAPO ON 6 (All chords and frets are relative to the capo)"
Don't you recognize the "C , C/B, Am" riff? It's pretty much the main chord sequence of, "Stairway to Heaven". You could sub E minor for the C/B thing. So you have a simple bass run going C, B, to A. When you finger C/B you'll see the E minor right there.
aaaahhhaa, i finally got my wee head to understand!! cheers for that captain, ur a wee gem!!