It looks like it's the dreaded time to restring my Mexican Telecaster
I've had a look at the massive choice, and am wondering which are the best?
I play a range of things, although in concert it will be mostly alternative music, akin to early arctic monkeys, kings of leon, libertines
I'd preferably like a type that can do a range, from hard rock distortion to the clean tones of ska and jazz
09s for sure... i'd say D'Addario, they're pretty good, but i haven't really come into contact with many other brands. Ernie Balls are always a safe bet, also I've heard good things about Elixir.
Dude, this is UG, not the TGP.
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It's something you should experiment yourself. Particularly the brand thing, not everybody feels the same way with the same strings, and what is valid for me or someone else might not be valid for you.

That said, 10's are generally the standard gauge for most players (in standard tuning), so if you don't know where to start that's what I'd recommend. If they feel too loose, try 11's, if they feel too tight then 9's. Anyway, whenever you switch gauges always check out the intonation and the neck set up, many times it will need a slight adjustment and it's always better to play safe.

And about brands, it's only a matter of trial and error until you find the right one for you. D'Addario and Ernie Ball are generally the most commonly used, but you should also try out other brands like Dunlop, DR or Rotosound if you can. Or if you feel like trying coated strings, Elixir are always a good point to start.
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My advice is don't worry about it too much. It seems like you're over-thinking this a bit.

If you've never changed strings before i recommend that you just get a standard set from a reputable company like ernie ball or d'addario, in whatever gauge is already on the guitar (probably 9-42, that seems like a standard gauge for most 25.5" scale guitars).

any typical set of guitar strings will be able to cover most ground pretty well, and there really isn't any significant difference between different brands, unless they specify something that they've done differently with that particular set of strings they are offering.
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