wat is this thing about headstocks of guitars
don't know about it
wanted to buy an axe
jackson rr24x
warrior wrxt
and xiphos

which seems to have a reversed headstock
does it really affects the playability
This should help you.

In summary, the longer the length of the string between the nut and the tuner, the easier the string is to bend. Although I myself have never noticed this.

Reverse headstock is also for aesthetics.
they don't really affect playability that much. there are some people who will say that they can effect string bending and whatnot, but I have yet to notice anything.

it is a cosmetic choice, and simply that. the only issue I can think of is that they can be a little awkward to tune sometimes.
supposedly they make the low strings easier to bend and the high ones harder

no idea if i've noticed this or it's just my imagination

but personally i'd rather have the high strings easier to bend and the low strings harder
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