So im now getting pretty pissed off with the amount of tone my boss pedals are sucking.

ive just built a couple of pedals from scratch and am feeling pretty confident with modding and altering the electronics inside them.

does anyone out there know how i would go about converting them to true bypass?
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It really depends on the pedal. A dd2 has a different flip/flop than most boss pedals. Basically you've got to cut the traces or remove parts in the flip flop circuit so the pedal is always engaged. Then wire it according to the link above.
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put them in a seperate fx loop

This would be the easiest. If you could get a rather large enclosure, just enough for a few LED's, a few stomp switches and a few jacks, you could make your own true bypass box. So your pedals go into and out of the box, so when the box is "off" your pedals are still switched on, but out of the chain. Then another tap of the switch and they're back in the chain. Slight waste of space, but a lot easier than finding all the right traces on the PCB, cutting them, rewiring etc...