Well, i got this pedal (Rocktron Reaction Delay) for birthday and I didn't know these pedals from Rocktron...

I think it's well built (seems heavier than my Boss). However, I haven't found reviews on the net and few people seem to know this brand. Can anyone give their impressions on this pedal?

Thank you a lot forum
I think our impressions are irrelevant. Do YOU like it?

I've seen some of Rocktron's Reaction stuff and it seems decent, but I don't know too much about them honestly. Rocktron is known mostly for their talkbox effects.
Maximum volume yields maximum goats.
Yeah, I like the way the time knob reacts and really changes the delay time and i also like the option of having a switch to change between a shorter delay and extended delay (as if you had two settings in one).

Just wanted to know some options of settings I could try, after all i've never used a delay stombox before