Hey guys, I wanna upgrade my Les Paul. It just has the Seymour Duncan stock pickups, they sound good but I want something a bit meatier definately something for metal. I know nothing of pickups on their prices so where's a good starting point, like £100/200?
They usually dont go that high...Seymour Duncans go for about 60/80 bucks...
If you want something for metal you can check out EMG, Di Marzio, Seymour Duncan and if you want to spend a bit more: Bare Knuckle pickups...
For metal, Bare Knuckle pickups will not let you down. However, I have swapped the pickups on all of my guitars, and I must say that I am a dimarzio fan. In my American Deluxe Strat, I have a Dimazrio Super Distortion in the bridge and a Vintage PAF 36th anniversary pickup. The combination on them is just incredible. I know that Dimarzio makes some higher gain pickups like their Activator series. I don't know if you're looking at active or passive pickups, but I personally can't stand active...but its all opinion.
TDM Pickups. Contact me for info
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