Just ordered my inlaying rig and I was wondering if you people had any alternatives to pearl or abalone since they are the only blanks stewmac sells and they have shipping restrictions on both blanks
I have ordered an ebony headstock veneer which I could use but I want something for more flashy jobs since ebony will only work on ash and maple type jobs...
Anything at all? Be creative!
The PRS list is basically all variants or equally hard to find :P
But thanks for the suggestion
Does anyone else know any cool materials that they have worked with? Ive seen solder inlays and Ill have to give them a shot some time soon!
Pearloid and abalam.

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A man in my class used turquoise for inlay on his tele build and it really popped! I've got a ring saw at home and was thinking of trying different semi precious stones. Easy enough to cut to shape with the saw. I've got a bad veneer joint line on a guitar I'm building and want to do some inlay to dress it up a bit. I just haven't settled on anything yet.

Also check out www.inlaceonline.com they have some pretty cool inlay materials.