written and recorded by me, all instruments played by me.


Soundcloud did something weird to the post chorus vocals, to much gain there I think. Will probably retrack a couple things but i want some other outside reviews before i do.

Will review back.
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Thanks for the comments, the lack of voal power's probably partly because of my lack of vocal experience and because it was recording in my car, the only place I've had to record my vocals of late. And that's the second one about the length and a friend of mine said that about it before so I'm looking at ways to shorten it. And that's not why I'm saying this, but I think your song needs to be shortened a bit to.

It's not that you really need to take anything out, it just seems like you have a lot of parts that repeat later on in the song. For the most part I think it's a really cool song, an interesting sound you have, but the effects are way too much. I almost fell out of my chair from the level and amount of the effects in Beauty Queen, especially on vocals which were quite good and were spoiled by all the delay and panning or whatever it was, although it seems like that was done for a desired effect, but it was just too much.

Cool bass sound, the drums weren't very present but probably appropriate for the style, but I thought the rhythm guitar wasn't loud and clear enough.

For the most part I really liked it, you're a good writer, I could picture that one the radio with some changes in the production. And the sound quality itself was very good especially on the vocals.
Dang dude, the intro totally grabs me. Love the bass line and the frantic drums coming in, I just wish there was some low end punch to really set it off, flat sound takes away tons of dynamics. The stereo panning vocals in what I think is the prechorus is a little much. I also think the lead guitar in the bridge could tone it down a little. All in all, I got hooked right away by the drive and would love to hear this with a fuller sound.
The songwriting here is excellent, there are multiple catchy melodies and the riff is great too.

It sounds like a bit of a mess sometimes due to the vocal effects, asides from that great song, and if it was recorded properly and with less vocal effects, could easily imagine this song hitting the charts somewhere.

Again, great songwriting.
Thanks for listening I really appreciate it. One problem with soundcloud.com is that it totally kills the quality of my songs. Soundcloud is really more for dubstep and hip hop, so im thinking that they compress songs to hell on upload, way too much for a rock song with drums and distortion to handle. Im also no expert on mastering a song, so if anybody has insight into that id love to hear from you. So im going to upload the song on a different format, im also going to remix some of the vocals, take out some vocal effects. Thanks for the advice, again, I appreciate it greatly.
Listened to Beauty Queen.

Sounds great! Super tight and great guitar playing!

I think the vocals are great, but maybe slightly over the top on the effects as someone else has mentioned. It still works this way too though, can just be a bit mad in places.

The section that starts at around 3.00 is awesome.

Overall great song, and you certainly have a talent for piecing a song together and making it flow well.
Thanks for listening glad you liked it.

I uploaded a remastered version, i got rid of some of the vocal effects. Ill be uploading a downloadable version soon.
I like it, the intro was hella awesome.

One thing I have to say is it feels like everything is competing for space, like you've made everything sound HUGE, so in the end there isn't room for it all. The vocal get buried beneath the guitar in a way that is actually kinda irritating and I feel like I'm getting assaulted (which to be fair in a way is quite cool, but it constantly doing this is kinda tiring)

Song writing is pretty good, though I think I'd like the song more if the aforementioned "wall of sound" issue wasn't there, cuz it's kinda hard to concentrate on what's going on. Maybe automate some of the tracks or the master so that some parts keep there crazyness but the more complex parts are a bit clearer and less insane.

Also I feel like the guitars lack balls a little, I mean if you compare this song to say Audioslave, their guitar sound thicker and more gut punching. These guitars seem a little flat and fizzy.

All in all a pretty damn good job, really just needs a little tweaking mix wise and I think you're set.
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Such a catchy bass-line. Caught my attention as soon as the track started. The vocals could have been more powerful, but it does sound good as is. I love the vocal melodies and they compliment the instrumental very well. Nicely played. You have lots of talent. This is a great song. You also have a very rock-ish voice. Suits the music. Nothing's out of place and held my attention all the way through. Love how raw the song feels. Love this atmosphere when listening to music. Keep it up. That outro was amazing. The song just dropped so well into the end.

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I listened to Beauty Queen Tragedy and the intro was pretty great, although when the guitar came in I was expecting something different, but that must be cause of my progressive thinking. Either way the bass was awesome for the intro. After I realized what kind of music this was I got used to it and thought it actually sounded pretty awesome. It packs a punch and energy. The guitar fills work very well. At 3:30 something the song started to feel like it had way too many things going on and they everything drowned under the vocals. So I'm guessing that's the part where you said soundcloud effed up your vocals?

Nice ending by the way, after all the tough sounds you had going that change felt interesting. This feels kind of like the awesome songs you'd like to hear on sports channels/videogames, cause they just have a lot of energy. And obviously also hear em live hehe.

About Light The Fuse however I didn't really get hooked by it. Although it does seem to be trying to go for the same direction the other sing went. It seems nice but it needs a hook... maybe it has something to do with the damn awesome bass on the first song xD

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Sorry for the late response man! really digging the bass in the first song. The vocals are pretty awesome, though the timing seems off at the beginning.

Really good though!

Really likes the second track as well. Reminds me a bit of a rocky version of The Dandy Warhols. Really sweet man!

What do you record with?

Good stuff, keep it up!