Hi guys.. I've bought a used Jackson Dinky Reverse with Floyd copy from jackson of course.. I want to stick in a real floyd.. I'm wondering if a real floyd will drop right in, and if so, which is better as far as floyds? I see one can buy the real thing, or a shaller, or a Ping which also says Floyd rose on it and not licensed. I hear the Ping which is cheaper is really good and made in Japan. I also wonder if anyone uses the bigger steel block on their floyd for instance from FloydRoseUpgrades.com and if so, does it work?

Thanks. New to the forum. Like it already
Im likely wrong but as far as I know the OFR's and the Schaller Licensed versions are exactly the same since schaller makes the OFR's anyway, supposedly they just stamp "licensed by floyd rose" on the plate... I believe the measurements for licensed and original are different however... Stewmac sells templates for both... U will likely simple need to plug a hole and redrill it a few mil's for the mounting studs. BTW If im wrong pls correct me! this is just off the top of my head :P
Thanks for the reply, but isn't the floyd copy on the jackson different then a shaller? This one isn't a shaller. I've had charvels and jacksons that had a shaller, but this is the model 540 or something.. I can't remember, but it's a cheaper version I think.. I've been told the mounting screws / posts were the same distance apart and that a real floyd would drop right in. I guess I need to measure it and find out .. I thought I'd see if anyone on here had tried it..

Thanks again..