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FFO: More Than Life, Landscapes, Veils, Defeater, etc. You know the score.

"Winter Nine"

Bear in mind the EP this song is from is a year or so old and the band themselves have sort of distanced themselves from it a bit. I still think this song's cool. There will be an interview with them on my website when I sort it out finally.
Really digging this. Old Smoke sounds great. Any new stuff or hints at what direction they'll be going now?
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Really digging this. Old Smoke sounds great. Any new stuff or hints at what direction they'll be going now?

Well they just recorded a three song 7" which is coming out jointly via Tangled Talk (The Long Haul, Veils, Listener, etc etc) and Dog Knights Productions, so that's kind of cool.

I think if you check their Facebook (www.facebook.com/wearehospitals) there is one new song up, but in the interview I just did the vocalist was saying how they're really excited because all the songs are different and show different sides of the band.

There will be a full length maybe late this year, I think.
You posting more regularly on this site has been a great development.

Hospitals are cool, and so are Veils.
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I'm reaaalllyyyy getting sick of these NOUNS bands, but this is about on par with the rest of them. It's great sounding.
I liked that song a whole bunch. I wanna get my hands on that whole EP.
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Two things.

1) The interview I did with this band is now online at my new website/blog/zine thing. Check it out at http://www.sideonetrackone.co.uk/hospitals-interview-april-12/ - if you like it you can find the site on Facebook (/sideonetrackonemag) and Twitter (@side1track1mag). Cheers.

2) This band has a new 7" out, 'Asleep'. You can preorder it before the May release and you get an instant mp3 d/l with it. Sounds great, production is great too. Try and check out the last track in particular if you can, 'Grace'.
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