Hi, Anyone use a small tube amp for practice that works well? I realize I can get a Pod or something like that, but I'm a tube nut for some reason. I just like that sound, and have been using them too long. Hard to teach an old dog new tricks. I'm 50 years old and have been playing with them too long..

Anyway, I just want something that I can practice with and maybe record with. I'd like of course something that would do both clean and OD, but at least clean. I can always use a pedal.. I currently use a 120 watt tube amp on the clean channel with a few pedals, and use the OD pedal for gain, etc,..

Thanks so much in advance.. new to the forums, and like them a lot.. Layed out well..
Check out the Blackstar amps, HT series or something, I think they're around 5 watts, I think they have direct recording circuitry as well. Those are at least part tube. Marshall has some smaller amps now as well. I've never used any of this stuff though.
Hey, Tim. Check out the Fender Champ series. The Champ 600 is a few more watts than you're asking for, but still a good amp for the price/wattage. I think it's a 5 watt amp. It doesn't have any direct out capability. I'm looking to add one to my arsenal for recording.
+1 on the HT 5 it is 5 watts but its a small does manageable volumes sounds good for clean and distortion, comes with a handy foot switch between clean channel and overdrive channel.

Does have direct out for recording
You could also look into the Hughes and Kettner Tubemeister 18. I have not played one but the demos look good and it has a powersoak and line out for recording.
The real Champ will run you around a grand, perhaps a tad more, depending on condition. Well worth it, if you can afford it.
If you're wanting a good clean amp then the Blackface/Silverface Champ would be the way to go. The blackface will run around $600 and the Silverface around $300 through Craigslist, they're practically the same amp though aside from cosmetics. The Tweed version sounds amazing for sure, but the BF/SF has better cleans.
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