I've always had a bit of tinnitus but since getting my guitar amp I've noticed it's worsened so clearly it's time to get some earplugs in!!

Basically I need protection which just lowers the volume without losing the tone of the actual music.

My budget isn't huge so nothing which requires molds/ customised earplugs or anything like that really.

Thanks in advance!
just stroll down to your local music shop and get whatever they have, i can't see one brand of earplugs being better than anything else, but i know that music stores carry them
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I would recommend the marshal MG100

Very versatile and quality sound. It should treat you well
In the end I went for some Alpine ones from a local music store which have done the trick for my home recording purposes - thanks!
I got some planet waves (iirc) in ear reusable rubber ones. Totally worth the $15, waaaaaaay better clarity than the foam ones i was using.
Hear-o's or whatever their called... nice. yea the rubber ones can be nice, only thing is they can be "sharp" on the ears (pun quite intended, thank you!) as in they can have a bit of an irritation to them, as they can be more riggid. The foam ones might mute the tone a bit more but you get hours and hours out of them. I know, I work for 8 hours a day with non-music variants of this very thing. Foam ones are WAY better on your ears, if a bit tone muffling, but comfort is where you want to be if you intend on using them for more than a short while.
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I've never had an irritation problem with Hearos and I'd recommend them. I think Guitar Center carries two different sizes - depending on how big your ear canal is.

They cut a significant about of dB, but don't really moosh out all the low & high end fidelity that a typical foam earplug would. In loud band settings & at shows they actually tend to clean up the mix and make everything easiest to hear.

Everyone in my band uses those...
nonono, i was saying to use hearos. Basicly I was saying that the standard music "hard rubber" type of earplug can be irritating to some people's ears (like mine... it get's soar in just putting them in. Whereas the foam-rubber versions (read as "foam" versions) are much more comfortable and only slightly muffle the tone/sound from what the harder rubber versions do... minisucle and really not THAT noticeable. Though just a bit of advice on both fronts, don't try to get your eq set right with earplugs in! BAD IDEA! It will result in a tone pleasing to your ears ONLY if and when you have the plugs in... once you take them out and say... listen to a recording of the sound, it's gonna sound bad to ya . All types of earplugs, even the expensive molded versions colour the sound differently, and muffle the tone to one degree or another. In fact the molded ones that are expensive will generally do less of this, but it's still there .
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y'all were right, it was the hear-o's black rubber ones i got but the difference between those and the cheapy foams is like night and day. i can't use the foam ones because they muffle everything too much whereas the rubber ones i can hear myself quite nicely, they just seem to bring the volume down without completely killing the frequency range.
I dunno about the hearo black rubber ones, haven't tried that brand of em yet, but the hearos foam ones are nice too... though they muffle the tone a bit more... like I said both are worth the cheap investment.

the ones I have, nice when you want that cranked tone

the ones z4 has probably:
Nice if you want better tone than the foam ones, but might irritate your ears physically speaking.

Both, again, worth it. Depends on what you're going for in the comfort level and how long you plan on wearing them.
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