This is a "rough draft" recording but heres a song that I have posted before but Ive added a few things that some users suggested. I added a strumming pattern to the chorus rather than continue with finger picking. However, I was having a tricky time with the transition from the end of the chorus to the start of the verse. Mainly because the strum pattern and finger picking pattern don't particularly pair well with an abrupt change from one to the other. So I added a gradual lead up back into the finger picking during the verse. Anyways, looking for some opinions and ears to critique. I feel that it works but my opinion is biased....


Thanks in advance. post your songs and Ill critique you back.
cut. it. out.
I like the way it sounds, there are some little bits of sloppyness but it's not all that noticeable and in my opinion it gives more character to the song.

Both the guitar and the voice sound good to me, i did enjoy it but near the end it wasn't as good as the other parts of the song. Overall it was a great song with good sounding vocals and guitar.
Dave Coulier,
If you have difficulty between a couple of guitar parts, record them separately if you have a multi-track recorder (I do it). Most of the guitar playing is pleasant & nice (I noticed some parts that need work). Singing is pretty good. The song itself is quite good! Please review my music at this link: