so i am buying a 2x12 to my specs, and i want it unloaded. I am going to drop 2 WGS speakers in the bad boy. its also gotta look good! i am treating this thing like a peice of furniture in my house. i dont want a big, gaudy, black thing sitting there that looks ugly.

i have narrowed it down to lopoline or AVATAR. any other suggestions? here is what i really want:

vertical is a major plus! (or i can add feed and tip the 2x12 vertical)
custom tolex / grill
preferrably 300 or less unloaded.
a good mix of quality and weight! i am looking for about 50 lbs loaded.

the whole budget for the cab is in the 400ish range. speakers might push it up. if it was a good cab with good speakers, i might consider dropping the WGS and get a loaded one.

main question - do you guys trust lopoline and avatar, they seem like smaller shops, i want to make sure im not going to get ripped off.

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I don't think you can find anything better than Avatar for that price range, unless you go used and get lucky.

I'd trust Avatar, they have a really good rep. Honestly, those smaller online retailers like Avatar or WhiteBox are more reliable than like 80% of the bigger companies.
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im ok with Avatar. no on the whitebox.

i really want the vertical 2x12 from lopoline, but i am skeptical about the company.
Splawn makes some pretty reasonably priced cabinets and by all accounts they seem to be very well made.
I wasn't recommending WhiteBox, I was using them as an example of a smaller retailer that has more reliability (and far better customer service) than the majority of online giants.

I don't know anything about lopoline, but I doubt Avatar would rip you off. In fact, if you email them, they might be willing to make a vertical 2x12 for you on request.
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well, im not a big fan of the velcro grill cloth, although it would make changing speakers easy. however, i dont plan on it.

the lopo seems narrow, not sure what affect that has on sound.

teh avatar has an opnen/ closed option. the lopo is 100% sealed. so avatar could give me more options? hmm.

i am leaning avatar more at this point. the traditional. i have not herd much else from other companies, im not sure how i feel about whitebox.

ive heard avatar will add feed on the side for a vertical situation. i would much rather have my speakers higher off the ground for projection, and more floor space for apartments. its a win win.

any for the price, can anybody beat WGS speakers? i mean, so many tonal options too. US made. awesome.
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Lopoline looks to make a good box, though for $300 you could buy the equipment and material to make your own exactly how you want it. But you live in an apartment and that isn't exactly an option .

Color choices, I'd recommend either white tolex with a black grille/hardware. Or burgundy tolex with either a black or wheat grille and black/chrome hardware respectively. I've always though burgundy tolex looked classy.

Speakers... get you some used Eminence from eBay. They're cheaper and already broken in, sounding their best. Plus if you don't like them you can always sell 'em for what you paid.
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at my rents house they have a shop with literally everything. i could pop out a cab in like 1 hour probably as good as avatar. well, it would be sloppy cause i dont know what im doing. i am kicking myself now....

yes. at this point i am without all my tools. and i am thinking brown / blonde or a burgundy or ox blood with a wheat colored grille cloth. perhaps some gold edges? again i plan to own this years maybe decades and if its sitting around, its going in my bedroom most likely. i dont want a black or florescent blue.

i mean, god forbid i get a girlfriend of something and sh*t get serious, dont want complaining about my big ugly box all the time.

if a 1x12, eminence reignmaker with attenuation hands down. however, cant really do that in a 2x12.

for aftermarket, i am dead set on WGS. USA made, tons of options, and seem to be going in a lot of high end cabs these days like PRS, etc. all thier tone clips online sound good. seem like a good group of guys.

..and CHEAP! a USA speaker than easily competed with a celestion for 60-70? heck yes.
WGS is a great speaker manufacturer, would recommend highly. I have a Veteran 30 in my VK 112 and it's lovely.
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Home made is the way to go! You can get everything you need from any home improvement mega-store in the US. They'll even cut the pieces for you. You'll have a sweet cab at a fraction of the cost
Eminence are made the USA too, in Eminence Kentucky. And they have tons of options and are cheaper than Celestion or Weber

Their Governor is a V30 clone without the mid spike and I can't remember the Greenback copy right now (its in the Legend series). The Legend V12 is a cheaper speaker and is loaded into everything Soldano sells, terrific speaker and you can find them new for around $60 shipped. Other popular options are the Swamp Thang/Texas Heat combo and the Wizards are popular too.

Building a box is pretty simple btw. You can do it in 3 cuts (4 if you have to cut the width) and its super simple with a chop/miter saw. Use a 1/4-1/2" roundover bit in a router to give the rounded edge around the cab and you're set. I'd recommend adding screw cleats inside the box and gluing it as well. Making a box is practically the easiest woodworking project there is
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Their Governor is a V30 clone without the mid spike and I can't remember the Greenback copy right now (its in the Legend series).

gb12 i think. also the private jack in the redcoat series.

haven't tried them, though. only tried the patriot series (they're very nice).
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building is out of the question - where i am now i only have a cheap screw driver set and a bunch of allen wrenches. hammer, some duck tape. wd-40.

no chance.
You have WD40 and duck tape. You can do anything
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You'll be fine with Avatar. I had a Traditional 212 made for me by them. Contact Dave there and tell him UG sent you. WGS are decent I hear but I have no direct experience. Buying speakers through Avatar is pretty cost effective. Have you checked out their speaker pricing? I'd look at Eminence as well. I had a Lucky 16 in my Blackheart cab and I put a Red Coat Man O War in my Valveking. A Governer/Texas Heat combo might be pretty bitchin'.

Plus, getting the backs of these cabs is a bitch. 17 screws and a lot of muscle

And yes, Splawn makes great cabs for the money.
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If you want a great looking cab with lots of quality take a look at Emperor, someday I'll have my dream cab set made by them... xD

On speakers Weber Gray Wolf and Silver Bell, that's what I'm getting.

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from the pics i have seen, i am not impressed with the inside of lopos and their wiring. somebody said they used nails and glue, not woodscrews? jesus i hope not.

the inside of that avatar is CLEAN! i like. i would get their semi - open / convertible.

oh yeah and i lug this thing up and down stairs. a main goal is overall rig portability and improvement. i will be getting a lunchbox sized head. i do NOT want a 75 lb cabinet.

if i wanted one, there is a used egnater tourmaster 2x12 cab on craigslist for 300. but its a beast, and i dont want that. i know it sounds awesome, and i have an SUV. if i wanted a beast of a cab i would buy an orange.
and yes, avatars celestion prices are the same as WGS retail prices. and i personally hope WGS blow celestions away. i intend to find out first hand.
Most 2x12s are the same size, varying only slightly from model to model and brand to brand. Weigh is mostly dependent on speakers, as they're going to be one of the heaviest parts of the cab. Just keep that in mind.

That being said, I recently loaded up my Avatar 2x12 with the Swamp Thang/Texas Heat combo, and I love it. Dave at Avatar is great to deal with as well.
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dave just e-mailed me. they will put feet on the side, but not re-orient the handles. kinda annoying but doable. i might just buy one.

naw man. some 2x12 are massive. for example, the tour master cab is bigger and about 25 lbs heavier than an avatar. some with many. i mean, they sound better and are build better, but jesus i dont want to lug around a 75-80lbs cab. it really is a burden i dont care how good it sounds.

im not on tour, i dont have roadies.


im 90% sure im ordering a avatar 2x12 traditional:

bugundy w/ wheat tolex, gold piping
convertible back
WGS retro 30 and et65 speakers.

i am looking at this as a long term investment. provided that it sounds good, i plan to keep it a LONG time and should be small enough for home use and big enough for gigs.

i could get a basic one on the street for 200-350. i saw a used lopoline with v30 for 160 on craistlist. ...but i dont want an ugly black POS laying around my house. i want something custom that i made and looks like a great piece of furniture.

only irk is that the handles will still be on the wrong sides if they tip it up vertical. doesnt really matter as my head will cover the top visible handle.
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soo i just put the order in. WGS veteran 30 and reaper combo in a avatar traditional vertical with burgundy / wheat cloth w/ white piping. it will look like this:


its got the conversion back and they are going to re-orient the logos and feet so it stands vertical for free! they will also give me 4 new feet if i want to put them on the regular horizontal way!

i got my cab customized, got free options, it will be build / shipped in 1 day and i will have it by wednesday. 100% USA made for shy under 500 bucks. really cannot beat that ANYWHERE.

side note - only downer is that avatar charged me 50 shipping and WGS charged me 22. ouch!!! so really the cab was right around 425 bucks really. its ok, these items are very heavy and large. i understand.
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when i asked WGS what they recommend for my setup and music i got this:

"I would recommend a Veteran 30/Reaper combination. This should give you a pretty dynamic and responsive blend with lots of articulation. The regular Reaper 30 watt is extremely well balanced with some great overtones. I would use it for the top speaker. It has a slightly earlier breakup than the Veteran and it's extremely musical. The Veteran is warm and smooth in the top with a percussive response in the midrange. I would run the Veteran 30 in the bottom spot of the cab. Together they should sound fantastic in that setup. Thanks"


"That combo should definitely handle some higher gain sounds. Both of them are "H motor" speakers. In general, they tend to have a tighter response than speakers with smaller magnets. They both have a very good low end response as well. Thanks"
Really cool man. I'll look forward to your NCD

Yeah, those guys are great to work with. You should have a really nice speaker combo there.

Shipping costs are dictated by weight and dimensions so it makes sense that a 212 cab would cost more than just 2 speakers. What you paid is roughly what I paid.

FYI - that pic you have looks like a contemporary cab, not a traditional
yeah i could not find a good picture of the tradition on my color scheme.

i was going to buy a et65 and a retro 30, but the guy at WGS recommended me those speakers and seemed to justify his answer enough to make me confident.

i looked up online that the celestion v30 and the g12h30 are common and classic speaker combos, and thats what my WGS are modeling....but made in the USA
Mine had a G12H30 and a Classic Lead 80.

Because you can only double the lowest wattage speaker my cab was 60 watts. Amp was 50w. Looks like yours will be 60w too. I forget what amp you are using.....just sayin'

Cab should be really nice looking. Do a NCD please
well i prefer small to mid sized heads. i will probably never need anything over 40 and it WILL have power scaling. for example, contenders are carvin v3m, tubemeister 18, DV MARK lil 40, engnater rebel 30

and 95% of the time i will be playing low wattage in my house (dont we all?)

i am leaning hard on the DV mark and using 1,2 boutique ODs to control the single channel to my crunchy goodness liking.

plus, the DV mark does 0.5-40 watts. perfect. 100% variable, no 1,2,3 options. clean sweep of a pot to adjust. and auto biasing.

Mr. Mark read his mind when he invented the amp .
Yeah, I did a thread on the DV Marks and I think he (or someone from the company) chimed in on something. Not sure is you saw that thread last year?

I'd be curious to hear your thoughts on the amp if you get one. Didn't realize you needed an amp too. Do you have an amp to use in the mean time?
ive been using a bugera v22 for my bedroom apartment use and some jamming / causla gigs here and there. the a 5751 in the v1 position and the way i run it, it sounds pretty good for a 350 bucks amp. dude with a fender blues deluxe reissue on wednesday told me my tone sounded good and asked where i got my amp....wow.

im going to either run the can or run em both and have 3 x12 speakers going!!!

but yeah, if i dropped 500 on my cab, ive pretty much committed to buying a nice head in the near future. hello tax return.....
speakers are in, cab comes today. i have finally have a respectable new gear day on here. (one that i actually feel like uploading pictures for).

side note, these speakers are dead sexy. the graphics looks amazing, build quality appears to be as good as it gets, and they were packaged amazingly. i was worried (i am so very paranoid of shipping companies / personnel)


ok you know what i hate about shipping? i tell people i buy something and i want it left at my door. i know whats in it, i know the risk. THATS WHY I SAID LEAVE IT AT MY DOOR.

when you come, guess what, im at work. 2nd, time, at work. where am i going to be the 3rd time? AT WORK

one time for fedex i signed the paper and even left a note stating i understood the liability and fully take responsibility, etc etc, printed name, signed name, and dated, stapled the packing slip on it.

..he said i needed to be there in person. jesus christ.

long story short - this time i waited 1.5 hrs to get my speakers yesterday so i would not have to come back. i have sh*t to do. (they kept telling me 15-30 minutes, who ultimately amounted to 90 minutes)