just thought i would throw this little diddy in here for yall:

so ive never played these things and they look awesome, so why not. i must point out, i first saw they have plastic jacks. WHAAAA? oh well. i know they are good pedals so i overlooked it.

FAT Drive - jesus they were not lying. fat and thick like milkshake thick. this thing has some sexy creamy lead tone going on. pretty simple to use, and has a "MORE" switch which really gets nuts. its basically a fuzz box kinda. thing i dont like - its so darn fat, for chords or rythm work i think you would get drowned out. you might want to play with it.

ARIA - one of my favorite and probably the most gain. very crunchy. it really gave a good sound no matter what i did to it, and i think it would be the most versatile.

POLYSATURATOR - my least favorite. least gain without cranking it. i think of it more like a clean boost with a grit setting. the pedal is supposed to induce some different clipping or something, but really it was harder for me to get a tone i like out of it opposed to the others.

side note - i did not like the EQ on the last 2. too many knobs. IMO if your drive pedal needs an EQ, something else in your rig aint right. i am a simple guy, i dont want every pedal to have 3 knobs for an EQ. before you know it, you have 100 knobs to tweak before you can jam.

...i also found a used ESP eclipse distressed finish. i can now say i am an ESP fanboy. this thing destroys almost all gibsons i pick up. its smaller, lighter, has a great carve on top and on the neck, some gotoh tuners, man this think is sexy. for 1000, i almost bought it. not is not the time though, i need a amp setup.