So my new band is just getting started out. We recorded a professional single and just released it today. We've gotten great feedback from friends who've listened so far but I could use some honest feedback. Please check out our song "Save Yourself" at the link below. Any feedback would be great to hear. If you love it: like the page, tell your friends and leave a comment. If you have any critiques: let me know hear, we always wanna make our stuff better. Thanks in advance, leave a link to your thread and I'll C4C.

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Sounds good. Tight drumming and guitars. My only suggestion might be to sing with your tenor voice, it would probably make the vocals more catchy. Overall, while it might not be innovative, you guys definately have the start of a good sound.
That chant part at the end was completely out of place.The music is great and constantly holding my attention.Like the others have said the vocals are the weak part here.You're making a statment so you should have more feeling and should be almost shouting the chorus.
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I dug it alot. The vocals could be better but it wasn't bad. The vocals are too calm coming out of the bass solo breakdown bit. I was expecting this BOOM and got this calm vocal part, choruses should stay the same, but I feel dynamicly they should differ. Your producer should of have had you double up your vocals there, one of them harsh, one of them softer.

People will dig this man, despite some of the vocal issues with power. Get out there and play some shows. Keep up the good songwriting.

I favorited the song, I couldn't find the like button though.

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Wow... This is SOOO sick dude. I really expected it to be lame. To be quite honest... It is SO fresh in my opinion. The voice is perfect, but a little bit dull in a few places. The chorus was good, but I feel like the vocals could've been more ... powerful there. They bass break keeps it fresh. Does the singer have a limited range? I just think there are some parts that could use an octave up or something... I like how each instrument gets some time to shine all by itself throughout the song. I like the low pass synth thing going on with the drums... The chorus is good... But it just needs to be STRONGER... in my opinion. I like the chant thing in the chorus this time... And then it ends.. I feel like it was good, but the chorus was weaker than I'd hoped... it was so amazing other than that. It's so fresh. I would definitely pick it up if it had a little more strength... :3 Good job though. You guys got it.

I could see myself buying this after a little bit of touching up in the places I said. 7.5/10 right now... But if the places I said were stronger... Definitely 9.5/10+.

Crit4crit? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXZ9gWIOKd0

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