So yeah, I basically made this song last night and finished it up this morning. Its pretty simple, but I think it sounds rad. If I could come up with a vocal line or something I think it'd sound great, but I dunno. This song kind of reminds me of Yuck, but they're a cool band so, yeah. Tell me what you think and give me feedback, thanks. Remember to listen with RSE and headphones.
Lonesomeness With Wanting.gp5
Lonesomeness With Wanting.gp4
First of all, im sorry I didnt listened to it with RSE.... but I still quite liked it Very trippy atmosphere hehe.. I'd just recommend maybe the guitars to be a little more versatile? I dont know how to say it on english sorry, But it is really good! Love how you played with the drums mezzo piano and stuff. It really gives the mood. And for being a song you wrote last night is quite awesome. Cant do that myself.

Overall is a really moody song, kinda cliche in a good way IMO. Keep it up man, i'd listen more of your works
Thank you. I know what you mean by the versatile thing, but I was kind of going for a simplistic thing, although that might make it a tad boring I suppose. Glad you liked it though.
Any specific song of yours you'd like me to critic?
I really love simplistic songs, simplistic can be very complex and now that you said that I wont tell you to be more versatile. I just thought you ran out of ideas xD But it thats how you like it, keep it that way.
Music can be a very selfish thing in a way that... You write a song for your own, if people likes it, good. But in the end it is for you.
But I really do like it, seriously.

Feel free to listen to any of my songs, the urls are in my signature. Dont feel compromised though, critic or listen to them if you want.