I've been looking for things to do over the summer and I stumbled across this School of Rock camp. It looks interesting, but my gut tells me that it would be really cheesy and geared more towards beginners. Has anyone been that could tell me what to expect?
My friend goes all the time, and he loves it. He's a very advanced player too so it's not just beginners trust me.
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I went there for a quarter, great experience, made great friends, made me a better musician and made me really comfortable playing live. Expensive as fuck though.
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Camp rock has a cameo from the guitarist in ****ed up which makes it awesome and uber-punx
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I used to go to one that was just an absolute pile of crap. Really poorly run, none of the people working there had any idea what was going on. From what I've heard, it's just that one though.
Is it run by Tom Lee ? Just asking because I went to a "school of rock" program run by tom lee a few times before when I was younger, first time when I was twelve, and that was the first time playing on stage, good experience !

Its just a fun thing to meet some other music buddies and learn a few things about rehearsing and performing something in a short amount of time.