I've got a Washburn 12 string that I got for $100 a few months ago and really want to be able to plug it in. I'm also looking at buying a cheap Great Divide or other cheap, solid top acoustic without the electronics since the pickup system in cheap acoustic electrics isn't worth anything. In other words, I need a cheap pickup that is easy to switch between guitars with (probably soundhole) and sounds reasonably good. I'm looking at around a $75 budget so no Baggs M1.

So far I know the Duncan Woody HC has dominated the market and the Dean Markley ProMag is fairly recognized as well, but I fear that most of the reviews and purchasers are people that just started playing, use plywood beginner guitars, and don't know much about what a good acoustic sounds like. I've also heard good things about others like the Barcus Berry Maplebar, Shadow SH 141 and 330, and Schatten Outside'R (not quite sure if the Outside'R is very 'reusable' or interchangeable tho so input there would be great). Any expert advice would be extremely helpful in figuring out which is really the best.

I play in a praise and worship band and I'm basically the entire rhythm section and only guitarist. That said, I like to be able to hear the differences in pick attack and style. I want something that will hopefully capture the warmth of strumming gently near the fretboard, the slap of hard strumming, the percussion of palm muting, and the smoothness of finger picking. I like a well balanced sound with shimmery highs but with a strong bass (think Something Beautiful by Needtobreathe).
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