60W of all-tube power with a 12AX7 driven preamp, 12" speaker, and Accutronics spring reverb. Footswitchable effects loop and channels. Clean channel utilizes volume and passive 3-band EQ controls. Ultra and Crunch channels feature gain, volume, and active 3-band EQ. Damping control for tight, medium, or loose resonance. Includes foot switch.

60W tube power
Upgraded Celestion Vintage 30
Spring reverb
3 footswitchable channels
Ultra and Crunch channel: gain, volume, and active 3-band EQ
Clean channel: volume and passive 3-band EQ
Footswitchable effects loop
Damping control: tight, medium, or loose

I'm looking for about $550 (I'm paying shipping!) If possible I want to deal in and around the El Paso/Las Cruces area. I'm also willing to trade for a Hughes and Kettner Tubemeister 18 (head) or any other all-tube amp. Other trades welcome! Private Message me for pictures as they are too large to upload.