Trailer for the new Total Recall (Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel)

With Farrell in the lead role it could never be identical to the Arnie version. Farrell is no Schwarzenegger
Could be OK. Probably won't be as much fun as the Arnie/Verhoeven, though.
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I had a mass effect 3 flashback while watching this. Looks good though. I'll probably go see it.

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I'll be seeing it of course.
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Surprisingly looks good for me! My two favorite women in one film as well (Biel + Beckinsale )
Is that the dude from Vanquish at 1:25? What the fuck?

Total Recall is like my second favourite Arnie movie (after T2) so I really don't want this to be shit but I can imagine it being so.
Nope. Looks too "wtf is going on right now?" to me.

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