Hi guys, I'm about to purchase the ESP Horizon FR-ii. I played it and it was great but I cant help thinking...Is there a guitar out there at a better price that performs equally as well? I'm buying from GAK, so it has to be a brand they do....I like to try before I buy rather than risk buying something online and not liking it and GAK is the place to go for me.

Would anyone here say go for another guitar? I'm open to suggestions. You can probably tell I'm into rock and metal since I'm looking at getting the ESP anyway. So, before I do this, I just want to make sure I'm doing the right thing....it's alot of money lol.

if you liked it and it played great then get it, nothing is more important in a guitar than feel.
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Is GAK a physical store? If so, just go and play everything in your budget. There are no quality issues with ESP. Which leads me to believe that you don't quite get along with the way it feels, hence why you made this thread in the first place.
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if you liked it and it played great then get it, nothing is more important in a guitar than feel.


ESP standard's are EXCELENT guitars, if you love the feel, then jump on it man.

I did love the feel of it guys. I only made this thread as its quite a bit of money and I wasn't sure if another brand like Schecter, Dean, Ibanez could offer better prices for the same quality. GAK is a physical store as well as online so I go there and try out things before I buy.

if you played one and liked it you will like any ESP.

They are so well made and consistent you can buy them blind with confidence.

Meaning you should buy one off me

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I have an ESP Horizon HRF - NT and can vouch for the quality.
Very, very well made guitar.

I can coax just about any tones I want out of it playing in a cover band doing everything from Tom Petty to Godsmack.
But it really shines on the high gain stuff.
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