I am so mad, feel free to spam all the U Mad memes you want

I didn't know about this 'work of art' until very recently, when it came to my attention because of the movie's record breaking openings

How this piece of shit is doing so well is absolutely beyond me

This is a SHAMELESS ripoff of the decade+ old japanese 'Battle Royale', toned down and packaged for the Mickey D's & Twilight focus group. Apparently the creator has been confronted with this and denies previous knowledge of Battle Royale

Not only is that a blatant white faced lie, but in the event that she miraculously didn't copy Battle Royale and somehow ended up with what ammounts to the same exact thing, she completely shames and ruins the geneological tree common to both movies (Running Man, Lord of the Flies, The Lottery, etc)

Twilight was an absolute piece of shit, but at least it was semi-original, being the author's pathetic projected erotic fantasy into a fictional medium, this is just a hamfisted forgery

How this piece of shit is being so sucessful is beyond me

Yes, I mad