In the style of EC. I don't want to pay $100 for a new ESP case but i don't know which cases I can and can't use.

What case are you using for LTD EC styled guitars?
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See if you can find the dimensions of the guitar on the ESP website. I suppose it should fit any standard Les Paul hardcase but it's best to make sure first.
I'am afraid that if I use a regular LP case that it wont work. The most EC's have really thin bodies compared to a EC FT or regular LP. Guitar might move around in a regular LP case.
Yamaha FG700S
Agile 3k
Laney Cub 15w Head with 2x12 cab
Vox VT 20+
a regular LP case won't work. the ec is quite a bit thinner, so they tend to move around alot. I have both the standard ESP case, and an SKB flightcase (actually a tele case, but, with the help of a few socks, provides a very good bit of protection).

just pop for the right case though. most cases will cost you about 100 anyways, so you might as well quit pinching pennies and get the right case from the get go
I have a standard rectangle shaped hardshell for my F-50. It seems to fit everything besides explorer shaped and other extreme body shapes. **** getting an offical ESP case buy a decent used case for like 50 bucks and buy a pedal with what you saved.
The good thing with the ESP case is that it's really well made and tailored exactly for the body shape it was made for. The case came with my Viper-1000 fits the guitar exactly.

I think an universal fit case for strat or tele should works. Best to check with the guitar store. They should know it.

Btw, if you are to buy an ESP case then be sure to notice that there are 2 kinds of Eclipse case. Standard and Full-thickness (FT). One won't fit the other.

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