Ok so Im pretty overwhelmed by the pedals I have amd Im trying now to get everything in some reasonable order.

So the pedals I have:

Boss Tu3
Boss NS2
Ibanez TS9
MXR 10 band EQ
MXR carbon copy
TC Electronics Hall of fame reverb.

I will be picking up a compressor of sorts soon
Also an ABY box will probably be added in too.
I also have the footswitch for my amp 6505+/6534+ footswitch.

So first off everything will need a power supply. Thats 7-8 9v outlets Ill need plus atleast one 18v outlet for the EQ pedal. Isolated outlets are preferred.

I also need good quality cabling. One of those DIY cable kits would prolly work best.

Last thing is a pedalboard to hold all this. Dont need an ATA/flight case to hold it but a soft bag or casing of some sorts is a must. Prefer an unpowered board because Ill have a power supply.

So any ideas for keeping this neat and tidy?

Another idea Ive always has is the SKB PS45 but thats fairly big and expesnive last I checked. But with the current pedals I have would it still be overkill?

Sorry for all the questions, just got alot going on with this and have alot pf options to handle this just not really sure
I recommend a Pedaltrain board and a one-Spot power supply. The pedaltrain will come with a soft case/bag thing, and the one-spot can run up to 8 9v pedals, but you can connect two of the 9v adapters together to get an 18v output i think. I'm pretty sure they either give you an adapter or the instructions to do it. Either way, i'm currently running 8 standard sized pedals on a pedaltrain jr. with a one-spot and it works really well.

The one-spot does not have isolated outputs however.
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Check out the pedalsnake @ pedalsnake.com.
I have one, works great and keeps all your cables at the back of your amp. Pretty cool.
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Voodoo Laps Pedal Power 2 Plus. It's what you want for power.

Oh, and you can't connect two daisy chain outputs for 18v. They aren't isolated.
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