Hello, I'm pretty new to this forum so If I say or do anything n00bish, don't blame me. :P

But anyways, I've always wanted get a good punk sound, something similar to Green Day's tone. I've been playing my Ibanez GRG170DX for a while now and I think it's pretty good for a start, but I want something that more emphasises the word"punk".Because Fender guitars are half the price of gibsons, I decided to ask a fender group on strat or tele, 70% of them suggested teles were more suited for punk, 0 % said Strat and the other 30 said like other guitars that I probably won't be able to afford right now -.- Now, I know BJA uses Les paul jrs, but can a Fender Telecaster give a tone that is similar to a Les Paul Jr's? What are the differences? Some good ones from 500- 800? Much appreciated.
there's a cool lp junior for like 700 that sounds great, but teles are awesome too. play both and see which feels better
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I personally would go with the Fender, but I'm a Fender fanboy so I might be a touch biased. Go to a Guitar Center or your local equivalent and try both a Tele and an LP Jr. They feel quite different and sound different, so take your time and be as honest as you can with yourself (I know it's hard to be critical of a beautiful new guitar sitting in your lap, but it's in your best interest lol).

If I were you, I'd buy a Fender and then spend the cash you saved upgrading pickups and hardware to exactly what you want.
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If Punk is really the only genre you'll be playing, I'd recommend the LP Jr. However, I personally think that the Telecaster is a lot more versatile and would be a better buy in the long run. It also has a slightly higher resale value, iirc. I would get the Tele just in case you start to like other genres later on, but the LP Jr. does do Punk better, so it's your choice.
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They are really two different guitars. Too many variables to make a recommendation. Go to a store and try both and and then go with the one that feels and sounds best to you.
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the les paul jr with p90 or the billie joe les paul jr IMO arent great punk rock guitar . i dont think p-90 are great for punk .. and the overall guitar . never really care for the les paul jr i tried .

get a les paul ( a real ) either the studio or another model ... but full size humbucker .

or my ultimate recommendation .


499 $ ( i dont know why the white is always 499 $ when they show up .. i paid 599 $ for my tribal purple color .)

but for 499 $ the AL3200 is neck thru , ebony fretboard , and would be an outstanding punk rock guitar. the 3200 = top of the line of Agile les paul copy , its neck thru with a nice contour similar to a gibson axcess ( which cost 3000 $ btw )

a really great guitar . you wont find anything as good with the same spec under a 1000 $ for sure .

but either way .. punk rock sound is often generic ... but Les paul are very great IMO. but ive seen them all telecaster, stratocaster, les paul jr , les paul etc.. etc...

i have a fender stratocaster hss and my agile 3200 and while both are great .. the agile just have the balls for punk rock .

great days early years was billie joe blue fernandez ( fender stratcopy ) with a duncan jb sh-4 .

another option would be the ESP LTD ec-1000 ( the one with the duncan sh-4 .. not the emg . ) also great guitar for the price .. very hard to beat in that price range . )

good luck but my reocmmendation ( ive had a les paul jr with p-90 ) and the full size les paul just have the balls for punk rock .

go for the model that catch you . if your a gren day fan ( new genre .. then i think you will like the le spaul jr ..... but even BJ doesnt play his signature model . he has a real custom shop les paul jr .

what bands are you listening to ???? older green day ( kerplunk , dooki e, insomniac , nimrod ) or newer stuff ???
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Firstly, Fenders and Gibsons do not feel the same; they don't play the same. Depending on your play style and what you find comfortable, a Gibson or a Fender may not suit you at all. There's no point buying a Telecaster because peopel ont he internet told you it'd sound better if actually you can't get on with how a Fender plays and you need the Gibson scale length and contour. Conversely there's no point buying a Gibson if you need the Fender neck.

So as far as the two brands go, forget about which model you're talking about and what sound you want; you need to narrow down whether you want 25.5" scale, more curved fretboard and slimmer C-shape neck (Fender) or if you want 24.75" scale with a flatter board and a D-shape neck (Gibson).

Once you've worked out what kind of neck you are most comfortable with and play best on, then you work out what sort of guitar with that neck to buy. Pickups can be changed easily for a wide range of tones out of any guitar; scale length, neck thickness, fretboard radius and the fret size is not easily changed.
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A Tele is much more versatile, and can do punk quite well. I'd start with the Tele... add the LP Jr. when you can afford a second guitar.
Get the Les Paul, you just can't be the rich, fat, agressive p90 tone of the Jr. And Billie Joe Armstrong plays one
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very, very different guitars. a standard tele and an LP junior have little in common beyond both being guitars...

that being said, a properly configured tele will give you a really muscular rock tone. something like a G&L ASAT special deluxe carve-top could give you a really good balance between the more fender-ish elements and the Gibson elements. it is still very different from either, but its a pretty good compromise.
Fender JA90 would be your best bet. It's a Telecaster with P90s. Versatility of two pickups, playability of a Telecaster. It sounds more like an Jr but with the right amp, you can get it sounding like a Telecaster.
I'd get the Telecaster and replace one or both the pickups with humbuckers to mimic the earlier Green Day sound Billie Joe had when he was using Blue, his Fernandez. Also, in the studio videos for their upcoming album he's using all kinds of Gibsons with humbuckers.
A TV Yellow Les Paul junior IS Punk.
Its pretty much the classic punk guitar, and for good reason.
I have always wanted one, my recommendation is the LP jr.
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i would say the telecaster, becouse they are more versatile and in my opinion look better aswell.
Billie Joe uses a 50s gibson les paul jr with a special pickup and it's kind of slanted compared to the gibson les paul jr gloss. Does the tele sound similar to that?
Telecaster. Much more versatile.

Also, a majority of Green Day songs were recorded on Strats.
Actually, I go by Dave, but there are already too many Daves on this forum.

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If jp6 is not applicable, then HSS strat. Then tele.
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If jp6 is not applicable, then HSS strat. Then tele.

This. I have a HSS squier strat. Great for punk. Get yourself a FAB distortion pedal if you want something cheap or a Boss DS-1 if you can afford that.
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