I'm really thinking about buying a compression pedal, as id like to clean up my dynamics a little bit and add a little sustain so a compressor sounds perfect for me. I've done a little research, and i think the MXR Dyna comp. might be the choice for me, but ive heard its a little noisy? i cant stand buzz and noise, so if this is a problem maybe not.
How would you guys who have played compressors say the MXR compares to other pedals? I dont care too much about the pritine quality ive heard that the Keeley compressor produces, but is that compressor worth the extra money? Or do you guys have any suggestions for pedals i havent mentioned?
For those who want to know, iim playing a mexican tele through a vox ac15. My pedalboard has a boss chromatic, morley volume pedal, ibanez tube screamer, boss DD-7, and a crybaby.
Thanks a lot everybody.
I was looking at getting a dyna comp as well. so im gonna bump this to see if anyone bites.....
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Eh, all compressors are noisy to some extent, you just have to live with it. This is only an issue if you're running some kind of uber brootalz high gain rig or just have really badly shielded guitar with single coils. In this respect the Keelys are probably built with higher quality components then the MXRs and are probably a bit quieter.

Another option is the Barber Tone Press, which has the option to blend in the clean uncompressed signal so you get a more transperent tone instead of the obvious compression.
i had a dyna comp. hated it. way too much squash, and quite noisy. turned my low e string into a rubber band., even at lower settings.

look around for an old 80s MIJ boss CS-2. i've got one of those now. absolutely tip-top. adds fullness and sustain to your chords and lets you shred out those little plucky country licks without killing your attack on the lower strings.
all compressors bring the noise floor up, so yes, any noise that's there will be increased. I doubt it adds anything considerable, nothing more than any other pedal
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I have the Mxr super comp, and never had any issues.
Never used a dynacomp though,
but I can't imagine it to be totally different.
Compressors "make noise" in a way an amp makes noise when you're not playing.
If there is a bit of noise somewhere in your signal, it gets picked up and amplified.
But that's easily countered.