Hey guys, I'm not much of a pro guitarist, but I can play.
But I'm having this problem not really in the sound of the guitar, but my fretting hand.

For some reason whenever I play A rooted powerchords, I mute the top string but it looks like my middle finger is sticking out, and I end up leaving it like that when I switch to a E rooted chord. It looks ugly, and I don't think people would want to see me stick my middle finger up on Camera all the time. Is it because of my guitar neck being to thin? Or just normal? Much appreciated.
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I'm not really sure this is much of a problem, unless you plan on playing for children for the most part. however if you don't plan on playing on a daytime childrens show or for a bunch of daycares in your area, then I don't think it's a big deal if you aren't feeling pain because of it....
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Some pieces are only meant to be played by people with six fingers on their fretting hand. Sorry.
Try check a video of Clapton playing Layla unplugged and he will give you the finger straight in the face whenever he is playing the C-Major as an A-shape barre chord.

I think it looks stupid too though.
I don't think the audience is going to think your flipping them off...

that is of course unless your a Prick off stage.. then they might..
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Its no great problem to worry about. If you're still unsure though, you can practice curving the middle finger slightly so it looks even less like a gesture. But again, its no great problem.