I just spent the evening turning the old no name single locking tremolo on my Ibanez RG270DX into a double locking tremolo for the low price of $32. Here are some details for anyone interested. A full guide of what I did is posted on my blog.

Old Tremolo

New Saddles

Rebuilt Tremolo

Freshly Installed

Basically this consists of changing out the non-locking saddles on the original tremolo for locking saddles from StewMac, which are very good for the money even if they aren't on par with real OFR saddles. I've got $22.00 in a set of saddles, $5.00 in new pivot posts, and $5.00 in saddle shims, since OFR saddles are set to a 14" radius and the Ibanez RG guitars usually have a roughly 16" radius.

It came out pretty well. I didn't really feel like dropping $180.00 in a Gotoh 1996 for a lower end guitar like this. A $32 upgrade seems like a decent alternative to me. We'll see how well it performs once I get it tweaked and balanced completely.
Nice. Looks like a cross between a Floyd Rose and an Edge tremolo.
Quote by DeadF18
Nice. Looks like a cross between a Floyd Rose and an Edge tremolo.

Thanks. It does look nice. I guess I'd have to say though that I don't recommend this for anyone who used the tremolo heavily. I just don't think the quality of the base plate is up to snuff for frequent use.