Hey guys, how's it going? I just picked up a Tiny Terror pretty cheap off Craigslist, but I have found a few things that have raised a few questions. The first and most noticeable problem was that the amp would cut out when cranked in the 15 watt setting, with sound coming back a few seconds later. I noticed the back left EL84 would flicker when this happened. Could this be a bad power tube? Also, when checking out the back of the head, I found that the plastic black holder for the high tension fuse was missing. I looked and cannot see a fuse in there. This seems strange, because I would assume that head would not function at all. Im relatively new to tube amps, so I really want to know if I just have a simple tube replacement on my hands, or something bigger and more expensive. Thanks!
Yes, it could be a faulty EL84 but before you panic simply pull them out and plug them back in again. They can rattle loose in transit which can cause exactly what you are describing.

The HT fuse may be hiding inside the chassis.
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Thanks, i'll pull the back off and check the tubes. It's probably about time to replace them anyways, as the amp is several years old and the stock ones are still in.