So I'm working on an Epiphone Dot that wasn't in great shape electronically when I got it. The jack was cross-threaded- got the old one out and a new one wired up. The three way switch, in the middle position, wasn't letting either pickup get through. A little bending of the leaves with a needle nose and it works as intended. I think.

Now, I noticed a slight intermittent buzz before I took everything apart. It was only on the neck pickup, and only when the then cross threaded jack was sitting at a certain angle. But as I was pulling out the pots, I felt something snag and then release- ruh roh. Sure enough the ground on the neck tone pot disconnected. No biggie... strip the wire back, resolder... golden, right?


I now have a buzz when the neck pickup is selected.

It gets much worse when I touch the tone pot case, or the right bridge post. It gets slightly worse when I touch the hot wires on that pickup circuit, or the input jack. When touching one of the much worse pieces, if I touch the jack at the same time, it goes quiet.

Cursory searches have suggested I check to make sure the jack's wired right. It is. And if it wasn't, wouldn't it buzz on both pickups?

I've tried resoldering the ground wires on the tone pot a crap load of times. I'm wondering if replacing the pot would do anything. The bridge post issue is confusing me too.

What should I be looking for/trying to replace? I've been googling and forum searching for the better part of the night, without coming up with much of anything that worked.
It has to be a wiring issue. More specifically a grounding issue if touching components significantly alters the buzzing.

Tone controls are relatively simple, just rewire the guitar and replace that switch. Switches are dirt cheap, don't mess around with something that was already worn out.

Chances are if the solder connections failed that easily, you have tons of cold solder joints. So who knows what components are making proper contact.