i have american strat 2001, currently im using 0.08 strings, and I feel it sounds kinda weak. The guy from best buy tells me that anything over 0.09 strings would be bad for the tremelo set up that I have on my strat. Is that true? any other comments?
It's probably set up for .08 sets(why are you using strings that small???) so it depends really. From my own personal experience, some guitars can handle it, others can't. I replaced my strings on an IBanez S(with the S floyd rose styled tremelo) with a larger size and it took very little work to get it all set up right, but other people claim to have a hard time doing this. But I also have an LTD with a standard bridge(no tremelo) and going from .10 to .11 completely messed it up.

GRANTED these are not strat tremelos, but I'm just saying: everybody has different experiences and what one person considers a "big issue" someone else may not see as such.

Big question: why are you changing string sizes? If it's to tune the guitar lower then you'll likely have to adjust the intonation regardless, so you might as well just get larger strings. If the .08's are just uncomfortable(I couldn't even imagine playing like that), then just go to .09's, see how it feels, if you don't like it then change again. If you're trying to get a specific sound(some guitarists swear that string size differs your sound although I personally have noticed little changed unless I go up to the truly large string sets like .13's or something) then I would still say .09's or .10's.

TLDR; go up to .09's, if those don't give you what you want, then it's time to get bigger ones. And don't assume the guitar will need adjustments until something goes wrong. It's just a Fender tremelo, it's not like a Floyd Rose(where the entire bridge needs to be fixed if you mess it up)
for standard tuning up to 10's are fine. But once you get to 11's up those are best used for lower tunings. I have seen a guitar with 12's tuned to E standard and it was bening the ****ing thing!
What, does it have a tremolo made out of tinfoil?


SRV played with 13s most of the time on his Strats. EDIT: he did tune down a little

You might need to make some adjustments (like the truss rod, the claw springs, and action), but so what? That's what the adjusters are there fore. It's not going to hurt an MIA Strat.

I got 10s on my MIA and my Squier. And bigger strings on 2 of my Floyd Rose guitars.
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The guy from best buy

FIRST OFF why are you listening to anyone from Best Buy? He's completely wrong, do not bring any guitar questions to Best Buy.

Second, .008 is as light as they come. New guitars commonly come with .009 or .010.
You can use any gauge string you want, you may just need to adjust a few things.

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The key word there is that it would be bad for the trem setup. Not the trem hardware.

15 minutes and a few basic tools will get it set up properly no matter what strings you use (well, maybe 13s would present a problem, but hopefully you're not doing that). It sounds like what he meant is that you could just throw some 9s on without having to adjust anything. With 10s or more, you'd probably need to tweak the truss rod and trem, and maybe the intonation.